Sedation Consent Form

Rustic Line

Your pet is being admitted for a procedure that will require the use of sedation today. Your pet’s safety and comfort are our priority at West Villa Animal Hospital.

Before sedation, your pet will be examined for any conditions that could interfere with anesthesia. During sedation, we monitor your pet’s vitals extensively to ensure they are pain free and healthy. After sedation, we will continue to monitor your pet to help ensure they have a safe and uneventful recovery.

Grooming Sedation

$31 to $43

Procedural Sedation

$66 to $225*

*Cost varies due to animal weight and procedure to be performed

Download Sedation Consent Form

Sedation Consent Authorization

I hereby authorize and direct West Villa Animal Hospital to perform the procedure(s) noted above and to administer anesthetic or other drugs as deemed advisable for my pet. I understand the nature of the procedures and the relative risk involved. I authorize West Villa Animal Hospital to provide any appropriate care should an unexpected complication arise.

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